Congratulations to our award-winning costume designers!

On March 7th, two of the most innovative and charitable costume designers won the prestigious Hummingbird Medal, Silver, at the President House in St. Ann’s. This award was given to Mr. Christopher Santos and Mr. Gregory Medina in the categories of Arts/Costume Design.

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SDCH 2021 Christmas Story by Sr. Catherine Therese

At Christmas time, at SDCH, there is always some drama surrounding the Creche Figures as they emerge from their dark musty cupboards.

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The renovation of the youth-friendly space on our Belmont Campus, The Shalom Center, is one of the two projects for which funding is currently being sought.

The second is the Veritas Center which provides wellness and restorative services for the children and members of their family system.

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Call to Action

As SDCH we firmly believe that it does take a village to raise a child (African Proverb) and so we are big on engaging stakeholders as donors, volunteers and advocates in various service development and delivery initiatives being undertaken by the home.

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