SDCH 2021 Christmas Story by Sr. Catherine Therese

At Christmas time, at SDCH, there is always some drama surrounding the Creche Figures as they emerge from their dark musty cupboards.


 The donkey suddenly has lost an ear, the cow too. Mary needed a paint job and the kings has no lustre. St. Joseph required major surgery. The Infant Jesus had to spend two weeks in ICU as he fell and broke into pieces…literally. 

Only his beautiful head was in one piece.

A cloth body was made for him. To this the mended legs and arms were added and lastly the lovely head.

All was wrapped in plaster of paris and left to dry.

A blue chemise was made to cover the scars and he was released on 9th December in time for the blessing of the outside creche due on 10th December 2021.


All’s well that ends well