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St. Dominic’s Children’s Home
RBC Current Account (business)
Bank account #100091013390013
Direct deposits.   
Once you have made deposits you can send us an email to allow for verification, tracking and bank reconciliation. Our email account for deposit slips is


Donations to St. Dominic’s Children’s Home (SDCH) are eligible for tax refunds

Did you know that SDCH has Charitable Status and that donations to SDCH are eligible for a tax deduction by means of a Deed of Covenant?

A tax deduction is allowable for an individual or company who makes payment(s) to a Charitable Body/Institution/Fund by means of a Covenanted Donation. This deduction is equal to 15% of Total Income. (Companies and Individuals)

This means that you could get 25% of your gift to SDCH as a tax refund, up to the limit of 15% of Total Income.  The Deed of Covenant must be registered with the Ministry of Finance – Inland Revenue Division, before December 31st of the year you give your donation.  The refund is claimed when submitting your tax return.

Multi-Year Deed of Covenant
You can also submit multi-year deeds. If you plan to give/donate up to a specific amount for more than one year, you can indicate that on your deed. The benefit of this is that you will not have to file a deed each year.

Read more information about Deed of Covenants from the Ministry of Finance – Inland Revenue Division website.

Filling out the Deed of Covenant
It is a simple process in which the SDCH staff is willing to assist. The Form and more details on the process can be downloaded at the links below: 

Instructions for Completing Deed of Covenant

Deed of Covenant Template

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